Radkurier24.com is an easy to find platform on which bike couriers from German speaking countries can advertise their services as bike couriers.

We are not an agency.

Radkurier24.com does not employ couriers itself. But again and again we receive requests for courier services.

Do you need a bike courier service?

Then take here:

->via our CITIES LIST
directly contact the listed couriers in your city.

All modalities are to be clarified with the courier directly.

To the explanatory video: What IS RADKURIER24.COM

By click/touch on your respective city you will find all couriers from your city.

This listing is supplemented by an online city map (called Map). On this city map you can see the nearest bike couriers and their live location. The bike courier receives an app for this purpose with which he can transmit his current availability status. Green dot = available, yellow dot = currently busy with a delivery. This way you can really find the nearest bike courier ready to work.

By clicking on the picture of the courier you can open his profile with more information. For each bike courier his contact details are listed in his profile. This way you can get in touch with your bike courier personally in advance via email, messenger or SMS to find out if he is the right one for your job.

You can reach your bike courier directly, because the couriers do not use contact forms (where the sender can never know who is reading) or email addresses that run through our server (@Radkurier24.com).

In short, your email request really goes directly to the courier.

Unless otherwise agreed, it is customary to pay the bike courier in person directly in cash or via PayPal or instant bank transfer.

If you have discussed the general conditions with your bike courier and agreed on an order, a mutually binding contract has been concluded. This exists exclusively between you and your courier. Radkurier24.com only offers an advertising platform on which independent bike couriers can advertise their services.

You must meet the requirements listed on the following page: https://radkurier24.com/en/fahrradkurier-werden/

Although we live in an increasingly mobile world, it has not become easier to get things to places reliably and quickly. With the growth of big cities, traffic has also increased rapidly. Studies have shown that on short distances the fastest transport is done by bike courier. Of course, bike couriers have to obey traffic rules, but they can avoid traffic jams and have no parking problems.

We would like to be a contact point for serious working (not chaotic) bike couriers. therefore we ask for a previous introduction in which you fill in the “casting form. https://radkurier24.com/en/fahrradkurier-werden/

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Or you can simply send us an e-mail to: mail@radkurier24.com