At RADKURIER24.COM you work independently and completely on your own responsibility.

You are not employed by us but are self-employed.

Once you’re paid for your service, you’re taxable.

You are responsible for compliance with these obligations.

We can not give you legal advice,

this is reserved exclusively for authorities, lawyers and tax advisors.

Below you will get some important information from research!

You are also responsible for compliance!


Google Translation:

What should be considered as a courier from a business perspective? This is not so hard!

1. COMMERCIAL APPLICATION: Whether you want to practice courier as a side job or as a major job. If you would like to work as a self-employed courier and thus want to take money, you must do so at your locally responsible Gewerbeamtkundtun by logging yourself there by means of business registration.

Where do I find the trade office? This is usually in the town hall. Alternatively you can ask there!

The business registration can always be made in person at the opening times or often in writing with the commercial registration form filed by the competent trade authority on the internet.

Business registration prices may vary from city to city: e.g. in FFM the costs amount to 25,50 Euro without or 33,00 Euro with issue of a trade license (as of 07/19)

Think about it: take identity card and money! In any case, have a written confirmation of your business registration issued after you have registered there.

2. TAX NUMBER APPLICATION: In addition, contact your tax office directly because you still have to apply for your tax number there. Always write down the name of your agent with whom you have had contact and ALWAYS ask if you did not understand something.

The officials have the job to help you and are often very friendly!

3. RECEIPT AND INVOICES: For every revenue generated by your job as a courier you have to issue a receipt!

For every issue you pay you can get an invoice or a receipt. Write down all income and expenses regarding your courier activity correctly so that you can notify them to the tax office at the end of the year!

And what happens if I do not do that? In the other case, it may be that you have to pay high taxes in case of a raid. You will be appreciated as soon as you do not always write down all your inputs and outputs correctly.

Short and sweet:

Register a trade!

Apply for tax number!

Accurate bookkeeping!

We are not allowed to give legal advice, this is reserved exclusively for authorities, lawyers and tax consultants.

July 2019