What is Radkurier24.com

Radkurier24.com is a platform, which is presented in a clear and searchable manner. Bicycle couriers from German-speaking countries can promote their service as a bicycle courier.


Is registration for me as a bicycle courier on Radkurier24.com associated with any costs? Do I have to give something of my earnings to Radkurier24.com?

NO! Of course not!

We want to strengthen the autonomy of the bike couriers and see ourselves as an advertising portal for independent bike couriers.

You can sign up with us and see if you can generate new customers through the portal.

The registration doesn’t involve any commitment and especially no commitment for future payments. If you get tired of appearing on radkurier24.com, just send a short email or text message and your profile will be completely deleted.

Briefly and concisely:




I would like to join you as a bicycle courier! What do I have to consider?

You must meet the requirements listed on the following page: https://radkurier24.com/become-a-bike-courier/


How does the contact between the customer and a bicycle courier come about?

You will find all couriers in your area by clicking / touching on your respective city.

FUTURE (in progress): On our MAP you will see a city map with a live tracking function on which you can track the nearest local courier. This live tracking function can be turned on and off by the bike courier.

By clicking on the image of the respective courier, his profile opens with further information like his contact details. By this you can directly contact your bike courier personally via email, messenger or SMS beforehand to find out if he/she is the right person for your job.

You can reach your bike courier directly because the couriers don’t use contact forms (in which the sender can never know who reads the data you transfer) or email addresses that are used via our server (@ radkurier24.com).

In short: Your email request goes directly to the personal bike courier email.


Why engage a Radkurier?

Although we live in an increasingly mobile society, it has not become easier to get goods to places in a reliable and fast way. With the growth of big cities, there is also a growing amount of traffic. Studies have shown that the fastest transport is ensured on short distances by bicycle couriers. Of course, bike couriers also have to follow the common traffic rules but can avoid traffic jams and have no parking problems.


How and at what time is the financial regulated?

Unless otherwise agreed, it is common to pay the bicycle courier personally in cash, via PayPal or immediate transfer.


In case of a booking: Will a contract be concluded and, if so, with whom?

If you have coordinated the conditions with your bike courier and if you have agreed on an order, a mutually binding contract has come about. This contract consists exclusively between you and your courier. Radkurier24.com only offers an advertising platform where independent bike couriers can promote their services.


Bike Messenger Casting at:

We would like to be a contact point for serious and reliable (not chaotic) bike couriers. Therefore we ask for a previous presentation in which you fill in the „registration form“: https://radkurier24.com/become-a-rider/


You have further questions?

Just mail to: mail@radkurier24.com